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Date: 2/3(FRI) 19:00〜
Place: River & Castle side space " Cheers "
Fee: 1,500yen
Includes: 1 Eho-maki sushi roll (handmade ), some meal & snacks ( Beans ) with 1 drink ( after that, cash on style!)
Others: we will prepare for some Oni ( Devil) mask


#酒匠 いつもお世話になっている池田社長セレクト日本酒もこの日限定、特別価格でオーダー頂けます!♪



[ Setsubun ]

Setsubun literally means "the day between two seasons". People celebrate Setsubun on either the 3rd of February, the last day of Winter, and the day before the Spring season on the present calendar. Bean throwing, called mamemaki, is done at home on the day of Setsubun. People scatter roated soy beans inside and outside their house shouting. " Fortune in, devils out." Then they eat the same number of beans as their age and wish for good health. Beans is "name" in Japanese and means good health.

[ Eho-maki ]

It is customary in Kansai area to eat uncut makizushi called ehō-maki 恵方巻きlit "lucky direction roll"), a type of futomaki (太巻, "thick, large or fat rolls"), in silence on Setsubun while facing the year's lucky compass direction, determined by the zodiac symbol of that year.[9] This custom started in Osaka, but in recent years eho-maki can be purchased at stores in the Kanto area and it is getting more recognized as a part of Setsubun tradition. Charts are published and occasionally packaged with uncut makizushi during February.[citation needed] Some families put up small decorations of sardine heads and holly leaves (hiragi iwashi) on their house entrances so that bad spirits will not enter.

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